Eviscerated Trout

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20 September 2017
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20 September 2017

Eviscerated Trout


Total weight for each package

10 Pieces

of the carton

56 Carton

Number of cartons
in each pallet

Trout is recommended for those who love white, soft and spicy taste meat. This delicious fish is a great blessing for those who love fish dishes that are easy to prepare. It is quite easy to cook trout, especially with green vegetables and onions. This type of fish is a great source of food with frying, grilling, boiling, even with smoking.

The trout leaves a soft taste in your mouth. It is a very healthy fish with a small amount of fat and a high amount of calcium it contains. Every meal you prepared with this fish will be so delicious that you will often go to your deep freeze and grab Nura’s trout.