A quick but also healthy product range from Nura: Frozen pastries

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23 September 2017
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23 September 2017

Modern life standards have changed many things in our way of living. Many of us live a fast and spontaneous life, or also many of us sometimes need to be quick enough to make the jobs done. Due to these fast and spontaneous times of our lives, our eating habits have also completely changed.

Unfortunately, we do not have time to cook a meal for ourselves if it lasts many hours. For a good meal without much effort and stress, we either have to visit a restaurant or visit the grandma who takes the time for us and prepares it with love.


But not many of us have such opportunities. Either we no longer have grandma or can not find the taste we look for in any restaurant.

Especially finding the pastry in grandma’s style is almost impossible in our day. Many modern pastry producers can not reach this taste since they use or add many preservatives, additives and flavour enhancers in their products. The only solution, for a delicious and non-additive pastry today is frozen pastry products of Nura.


With this method, the delicious pastry without preservatives or additives can be stored for a long time. The existence of frozen pastry production in Europe, but above all in densely populated countries like Germany, is a real blessing for people.

Especially women who are businesswoman and mother at the same time, can significantly reduce their stress and prepare delicious pastry for their children in just a few minutes. With these products you do not have to be afraid of unexpected guests. Neither you have to worry about unhealthy ingredients or additives.

Nura GmbH is one of those companies that produce the grandma’s pastry in Germany and in many countries of Europe and cover a great demand. With the Kaptanlar brand, the Duisburg-based company has managed to quench it’s longing for grandma’s delicacies and to make pastry popular again with the new generation.




Nura does not just produces its frozen pastries in grandma’s style. In addition, Nura offers its customers with a large selection of pastry products.

In the product range there are rolled pastry, triangle shaped pastry, rose shaped pastry, u-shaped pastry, puff pastry and pan pastry with different ingredients. You can choose these pastries with spinach, potato, leek, mince, white cheese, kashar cheese, feta cheese or Gouda cheese or mizithra cheese. And also Nura offer these delicious pastries in different packages with different weights.

These pastries can be prepared by cooking in the oven at 180 ° for just 35-40 minutes until they get their golden brown/yellow colour. Then they become ready to serve to your family, children or guests just like they are cooked by your grandma.

You can find Nura’s pastry with mince, pastry with leek, pastry with potato, pastry with white cheese, pastry with kashar cheese, pastry with feta cheese, pastry with gouda cheese or pastry with mizithra cheese in many markets across the Europe.