Triangle-shaped pastry with mizithra and feta cheese

Rolled Pastry with Spinach
20 September 2017
Pastry with leek
7 November 2017

Triangle-shaped pastry with mizithra and feta cheese


Total weight for each package

40 Pieces

of the carton

77 Carton

Number of cartons
in each pallet

You operate a hotel, restaurant or café, and you want your customers to be amazed with triangle-shaped pastry. We share the same goal with you and we want you to get what you want. Among our commercial activities, there is also to introduce the top quality triangle-shaped pastry into the market. Our triangle-shaped pastries with mizithra and feta cheese also a legend.

The mizithra and feta cheeses in our pastry are a perfect combination and this turns the taste of this pastry into a true experience. Another important detail is that there is absolutely no additives in these products.

You can be sure that when your frozen pastries wait 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° in the oven and get their golden colour, your customers will reach their peak of taste.