U-shaped pastry with cream

Pastry with Spinach
20 September 2017
Rolled pastry with Horeca Mince
20 September 2017

U-shaped pastry with cream


Total weight for each package

40 Pieces

of the carton

77 Carton

Number of cartons
in each pallet

It is hard to preapare pastry products every day. This is especially true for businesses like restaurants, hotels and cafes. You need more worker and larger space for this and your expense folds in that direction. The only solution is the top quality frozen products which are very much like fresh pastry products.

Those who tasted our u-shaped pastry with cream know what we are talking about.  Our product is a legend. Tasting our incredibly delicious and crispy pastry does not provide you with an unforgettable moment, it also plays an important role for a healthy diet. Since this perfect pastry is frozen, so it does not contain additives that are applied for long preservation. In the same way; there is no artificial additives such as sweetener, colorant and aroma.