Turkish ravioli with mince and special sauce

Pan pastry with mizithra and feta cheese
20 September 2017
Eviscerated Bream
20 September 2017

Turkish ravioli with mince and special sauce


Total weight for each package

12 Pieces

of the carton

60 Carton

Number of cartons
in each pallet

This beloved pastry with mince is a legend. A great deal of effort is needed before anything else as much as time for this meal, which is also called Turkish ravioli or Turkish tortellini. Preparing Turkish ravioli requires experience. Because the dough must be opened and cut in very small squares and stuffed with minced meat.

Hankering for this hot and stuffed food is ending. It is now easy for everyone to prepare this delicious food thanks to the pieces of frozen pastry pieces filled with mince. To prepare this meal now it is enough to boil mince-filled small pastries for ten minutes in boiling water and after pour a sauce cooked in frying pan by the butter over softened and filtered small pastries.