Eviscerated Bream

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20 September 2017
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20 September 2017

Eviscerated Bream


Total weight for each package

10 Pieces

of the carton

56 Carton

Number of cartons
in each pallet

Sea bream is a very popular type of fish with quite tasty meat. The sea bream is loved especially by the fish eaters who do not prefer heavy fish flavor and smell and prefer fish with nice and spicy flavor instead. The snow white and firm meat of this precious fish contains very little fat. In contrast, bream is rich in protein, minerals, calcium, calcium, phosphorus and iodine.

If you are looking for a tasty and healthy fish meal on your dinner table and you want to have the taste of this fish with less bones without any stress, this fish is the fish you are looking for. Nura brings this excellent taste from Mediterranean to your table with frozen and eviscerated sea bream.