Pastry with mizithra and feta cheese

Boneless Mackerel Fillet
20 September 2017
U-shaped pastry with cream
20 September 2017

Pastry with mizithra and feta cheese


Total weight for each package

40 Pieces

of the carton

63 Carton

Number of cartons
in each pallet

Crispy pastry; a wonderful combination of mizithra and feta cheese in abundant quantities! Every businessman knows that with such a taste, they will conquer the hearts of their customers. Thanks to our frozen pastries, winning the hearts of customers is no longer a dream. You will see how your dreams became true when our pastries with mizithra and feta cheese got their golden colour after cooked for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 180 °C in an oven. These pastries are tasty as they are cooked by mothers, and they are also healthy because they do not contain any additives.