Eviscerated Anchovy

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20 September 2017
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20 September 2017

Eviscerated Anchovy


Total weight for each package

12 Pieces

of the carton

64 Carton

Number of cartons
in each pallet

Anchovy is a miracle with spice flavour. Those who like this strong taste may already be happy to have a delicious meal. This fish is a kind of fish which is very suitable for frying and grilling. In addition to all these, anchovies accompany to your other meals thanks to its spicy aroma as an excellent sweetener.

However, the anchovy is a very small fish and no one will get up from the table as satisfied only with a single anchovy. If you desire a pizza that is rich in aroma, you will need a lot of anchovies and this will require time and effort. For such situations, Nura offers a practical solution with frozen and eviscerated anchovy. With this solution you will not only indulge your mouth but also protect your health. Anchovy is known for its high levels of calcium, iron and Omega-3 acids.