Rolled pastry with mince

Pan pastry with mizithra and feta cheese
20 September 2017
Eviscerated Bream
20 September 2017

Rolled pastry with mince


Total weight for each package

12 Pieces

of the carton

72 Carton

Number of cartons
in each pallet

Frozen rolled pastry is very easy to preapare. It is easy to prepare and easy to eat this Nura product, which is a blessing for men as well as working women or mothers with multiple kids. Its taste is like it is cooked by your mother.

Nura offers a surprise product range in frozen rolled pastries. Pen pastry with mince is good example for this. This first-class product saves your time and effort and allows you to be ready for each party with plenty of guests.

These incredibly delicious and crispy pastries do not contain additives and sweeteners. You will receive only compliment from your guests when you cooked the pastries for 35-40 minutes in a 180 ° temperature oven until they get a golden colour.